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Ingredients and services for the formulation

of lubricants and industrial fluids

Pour point depressants and VI improvers

Our Pour Point Depressants (PPD) and Viscosity Index Improvers (VI improvers) are polymers of different technologies designed to modify the viscosity of lubricants at low and high temperatures.
PPDs are co-polymers that exhibit highly effective control of paraffinic wax crystal formation in both industrial and automotive lubricants.
PPDs are recommended to maintain oils fluid at low temperatures and to lower the pour point and the viscosity of lubricants for applications including:

VI improvers are targeted for reducing the change in viscosity when the lubricant is subject to changes in temperature. Different technologies of VI improvers are available so as to take into account:

The different technologies of polymers include:

LUMAR proposes different pour point depressants and VI improvers :

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